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Physical Exam services offered in Edinburg and Mcallen, TX

Getting a physical exam regularly is an excellent way to stay on top of your health and detect medical problems before they turn serious. At RGV Urgent Care Clinic in Edinburg, McAllen, and Alamo, Texas, Carlos Moreno, MD, and his skilled team offer annual physicals, sports and school physicals, pre-employment physicals, and more. Call the office to schedule a physical or use the online booking tool today.

Physical Exam Q&A

What are physical exams?

Basic physical exams at RGV Urgent Care Clinic are medical evaluations in which your provider assesses your overall health and wellness, screening for possible medical issues. You might need annual physicals or physical exams for school, sports, or a job. 

The RGV Urgent Care Clinic team is highly trained in performing all types of physicals. 

What should I expect during physical exams?

During physical exams at RGV Urgent Care Clinic, compassionate providers greet you and complete the following:

Vital signs check

Your RGV Urgent Care Clinic specialist weighs you, determines your body mass index (BMI), and checks your pulse, blood pressure, and other vital signs during this portion of a physical exam.

Medical history review

Your provider also reviews your medical history. They ask questions about your personal and family histories of disease, medications, symptoms, and lifestyle habits.

Physical examination

An RGV Urgent Care Clinic specialist completes a physical exam to assess your health and well-being. They check your breathing, heartbeat, eyes, ears, throat, neck, reflexes, abdomen, and more. 

The RGV Urgent Care Clinic providers offer breast and pelvic exams for women, along with Pap tests to screen for cervical cancer and prostate exams for men.


Depending on your disease factors or the requirements on your physical exam form, you might need specific diagnostic tests. 

The RGV Urgent Care Clinic team may suggest urine testing, blood tests, heart- or lung-function tests, hearing and vision screenings, sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing, or imaging procedures. You may undergo a mental health screening too.


If you need treatment for any reason, your RGV Urgent Care Clinic specialist can help. They may recommend lifestyle changes, medical weight loss, dietary supplements, prescription medications, an inhaler, or minor procedures. Your urgent care provider might refer you to a specialist if you have a complex medical problem. 

When should I schedule physical exams?

It’s often a good idea to schedule physical exams every year, or more frequently if your RGV Urgent Care Clinic provider recommends it because of a medical problem. You can see your urgent care specialist any time you’re due for a school, sports, or work physical or develop unusual symptoms. 

To schedule physical exams at RGV Urgent Care Clinic, call the office or use the online booking feature today.