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On Site X-ray services offered in Edinburg and Mcallen, TX

If you struggle with severe or ongoing pain, breathing problems, or other bothersome symptoms, the experts at RGV Urgent Care Clinic in Edinburg, McAllen, and Alamo, Texas, are here for you. Carlos Moreno, MD, and his skilled team offer on-site X-rays to view internal structures and pinpoint problems. Call the office to learn more or use the online booking tool today.

On Site X-ray Q&A

What are on-site X-rays?

On-site X-rays at RGV Urgent Care Clinic use painless electromagnetic energy beams to create images of components inside your body. The providers use digital X-rays that produce less radiation than traditional X-rays to detect or rule out specific medical problems and treat them when necessary.

Why might I need on-site X-rays?

On-site X-rays at RGV Urgent Care Clinic are useful for viewing your bones, lungs, organs, or additional internal structures. You might need X-rays if your provider suspects you have one of the following conditions:

  • Fractures
  • Tumors
  • Bone injuries
  • Lung diseases or infections
  • Swallowed objects
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Digestive tract problems
  • Bone cancer
  • Enlarged heart
  • Blocked blood vessels
  • Breast cancer

To find out if digital X-rays are the right procedure for you, your RGV Urgent Care Clinic provider asks about your symptoms, medications, medical history, and lifestyle habits. They check your vital signs and complete a physical exam to look for signs of potential problems.

How should I prepare for on-site X-rays?

Follow your specialist’s instructions prior to undergoing on-site X-rays. While there’s no special way to prepare for the procedure, you may have to remove some clothing, change into a hospital gown, and remove any jewelry. You might wear a lead apron to limit X-ray exposure.

You sit, stand, or lie down on an X-ray table in certain positions, while an X-ray machine passes painless energy into certain areas of your body to create internal images. It’s important to remain still during the X-rays. 

You may have to switch positions at certain times during the procedure. X-rays aren’t painful, and there’s no downtime afterward.

What happens after the procedure?

After you complete on-site X-rays at RGV Urgent Care Clinic, you can resume normal activities immediately. Your urgent care specialist reviews the results with you and lets you know the next best steps. 

They may suggest watchful waiting, further diagnostic testing, fracture care, medications, physical therapy, minor procedures, or treatment from a specialist.

To find out if you’re a candidate for on-site X-rays at RGV Urgent Care Clinic, call the office, schedule an appointment online, or simply walk into the office today.