About Dr. Moreno

Internal Medicine & Emergency Medicine in Edinburg and Mcallen, TX

Carlos Moreno
Carlos I. Moreno, MD

Carlos Moreno, MD, is a compassionate physician offering state-of-the-art urgent care services to help patients experiencing acute medical issues. He sees patients at RGV Urgent Care Clinic, with offices in Edinburg, McAllen, and Alamo, Texas.

Dr. Moreno was born in Colombia and completed his formal medical training there. He eventually moved to the United States and became a specialist in internal medicine. Dr. Moreno has over 20 years of experience as an emergency room doctor.

Dr. Moreno has a passion for solving medical problems and truly loves seeing smiles on his patients' faces when he can fully address their fears and issues. He opened RGV Urgent Care Clinic to offer efficient, affordable, and friendly care for patients with non-life-threatening medical emergencies.

Medicine is in Dr. Moreno's genes, with his father and grandfather both having worked as physicians. He came to the Rio Grande Valley more than two decades ago and now resides here with his partner and their two children. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking in the mountains.